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Take a critical look at each image using the scoring process discussed and sent out towards the end of last year. 

Score each image out of 20

This text below explains how you should aim to score an image.  Everyone will see an image slightly differently than anyone else, its your opinion.  As you can see half pf the marks are on how the image makes you feel, how it connects, or not with the viewer, the rest is made up of techical skill in taking the photograph, and then a bit for post processing skill.


How much does the picture tell or story, reflect a mood or feeling, Does it connect with the viewer.

                                                                                                    50%                         0 - 10 marks


Picture Content and techniques

  • This is the quality and control of the image. Lighting and composition, exposure control. Is it a point and click, or carefully constructed or captured image?

                                                                                                    35%                           0 - 7 marks


Aspects of processing and treatment  used to create the final image.  
How well has the author processed  the image for print or DPI? Control of tones, shadows and highlights.  Good or bad use of cloning, dodging and burning etc.

  • How well is presented?

                                                                                                     15%                           0 - 3 marks

You can send the scores direct tothe DPIsecretary, or you can also send your reasoning behind your scores that we can look at after the points have been tallied.

Remember, score out of 20, based on Communication, Content and Technique.

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